Abbey Updates

Today Abbey was supposed to have an evaluation for her Occupational Therapy right after her Speech Therapy appointment but things didn’t go to plan as she had an upset stomach and we had to go home early. We will try again for next week. She hasn’t started ABA Therapy yet because I’m waiting on the people in their office to call me and schedule her evaluation for that. Things are certainly a process and take their time but I know we will get there eventually. I’m a person who struggles to accent schedule change (Much like Abbey) and I like to know when things are happening (Also very much like Abbey). This sorta thing requires patience but at the same time, you need to be willing to chase people up over the phone. So far I’ve had to chase a couple of places up and more than once. I try to understand that there are a lot of children diagnosed with ASD and that I’m not the only Mum that’s anxious to move forward. 

I’ve noticed some changes in Abbey over the past month or so. I’ve also noticed some changes in myself. I’ll start with the negative first and end with a positive. Abbey likes to tell me what she wants to do all day, every day. She only lets up if she’s distracted or actually doing the activity she wanted to do. So all day I receive demands off her. For example: “Mommy, let’s go playground!!!” and she will repeat it until she gets what she wants. If I can’t take her at that moment, I have to distract her or promise her it for later. Right now she just walked up to me and shouted “DONUT MOMMY? PLEASEEEEE? PLAYGROUND????” She also mentions going on her scooter, seeing the horse, and seeing family members. She tends to make demands regarding people or places that she’s fond of. It’s very repetitive though and she doesn’t like to give up. It often turns into a meltdown. It’s mentally exhausting. As she’s getting older she’s trying to do more things but if she can’t do them, she get’s SO upset. Sometimes she doesn’t even try to do them, she just stands and stares at whatever it is she’s wanting to do and breaks down into tears. Angry outbursts are so loud ughhhh! I am trying my best to teach her to be calm and ask for help if she can’t do it but so far I’m not having much luck. 

See? She can be nice to JJ

The next thing I’ve noticed is that she’s become a little bit more aggressive over the past few weeks and her emotional outbursts are becoming more frequent. As I’ve mentioned before, her temper is a lot worse around her brother and that’s not changed. She still struggles to include him in things and whenever he tries to come near me, she screams at him to go away! It’s especially hard for him because he’s a sensitive soul. It’s not all of the time though. I do find them cuddling from time to time. When they can be friends, they are actually great with each other.

Hopefully, her therapy will help with these problems.

The change I’ve noticed in myself is that I’m feeling depleted because I can’t get a break. I would love to get the chance to go away for a couple of nights on my own and recoup so I can start feeling myself again. That’s not really possible though, so I have to just learn to cope. I hope the ABA Therapy will also teach me ways to communicate with Abbey. 

Time for the positives!!! 

Abbey’s speech has improved vastly. She’s doing well at Speech Therapy and I really think that going to the daycare at my gym for an hour a day is helping her too. She gets to interact with other children her age, which is great. When we leave, she’s always smiling and happy and excited to go back the next day! I’ve not had any complaints about her which must mean she’s happy.

When I interact with her, I don’t have to talk to her in short sentences. I usually cut sentences down to help her understand but I’ve stopped that. I talk to her like she’s an adult and I’ve noticed her understanding most of what I’m saying. Maybe I shouldn’t have been speaking in short sentences in the first place.

Anyway, gotta go. She’s having a meltdown haha.