Some Memories To Share

Hello, hello! So I figured for today’s blog I’d keep things quite light. My last couple of posts have been pretty intense and I’m not in an intense mood today. I thought it might be nice to post some of my favourite photographs from over the last few months. I have so many so not all of them will make it. Some have made it to my social media and some haven’t. Some were taken by me but some weren’t. Some are from a camera and some are from a phone. Okay, let’s go!

Nashville Hot Chick’n Sandwich from Dharma Fine Vittles, formerly known as Dixie Dharma. This bad boy is on special this week and I couldn’t not include it because my god it was good. Blew my head off.


Here’s one from my little Christmas session with the kids. Abbey was too busy running around and refusing to cooperate so I just focused on my OG’s; Izzy and JJ! The way JJ is with his sisters just melts my heart. He’s such a sweet human! 


Oh Abigail. If there was any photo that described her, this is it. Rules don’t apply to Abbey. Great shot by Shawn. This is definitely one of my favorite photos, I love it. Taken in Winter Park, FL last week.


Another one taken in Winter Park, FL. This time by me. I love this shot and how long Abbey’s hair looks in it. It’s shocking how fast her hair has grown since I stopped washing it every day in the bath. I only shampoo it once a week (If that) and it’s in great condition. I’m not cutting her hair for at least another year. She’s so adorable and I love her face in this pic too. 


Here’s one of me in Oklahoma City a few months ago. Another great shot taken by Shawn. I don’t usually like full body photos of myself but I love this one. Exploring cities with a camera is fun. I need another adventure soon. 


Here’s one of my cutie, Isabelle. I love her freckles. 


Here’s a cute one of Abbey and Shawn. She loves cuddling up with him.


 Some random flowers in Arkansas. I love flowers and I like the edit I did on this image. 


The kids and I went to Wekiwa Springs State Park a few months ago. It was our first time there. Now we live in Orlando we are closer to such places. We went early on a Sunday. It’s really pretty but it’s also busy like anywhere else in central Florida. If you don’t get there first thing then you can wave goodbye to any peace and quiet you may expect to have. The spring water was colddddd but we loved it. It was a nice morning out. I love making memories with my babies.


I love this photo of my baby at Kissimmee Lakefront. I took this with my Sony 50mm f/1.8


I love this photo that Shawn snapped of Abbey and I. The truth of this photo is that Abbey was having a huge meltdown because we were leaving the playground and I was trying to handle it so we didn’t draw too much attention to us. It was quite the performance. I’m actually glad of this photo. It’s nice to document all the moments, even the hard ones.


This one is not recent. It’s from way over a year ago but I miss my best friend so I wanted to include it. Isn’t she cute? I haven’t seen her since March of last year. She lives in England but was over visiting me in Florida when all this COVID thing started. I didn’t realize when she left that I wouldn’t be seeing her for a long time after that. I miss her so much.


Another great shot by Shawn. He was pretty much kinda almost risking his life for this photo on the edge of a cliff haha. Taken at Whitaker Point Trailhead in Arkansas. Fun adventures as always.


When you wake up and mum instantly hands you a donut. Cute tired girl after her nap. Must be nice having dessert handed to you the second you wake up haha. I need that energy in my life.

Double trouble. Abbey and JJ are either at each other’s throats or best friends. There’s no in-between. Love them.


I like this shot I got of Shawn taking a picture of a flower. Flowerception? Photographyception? Okay I’m done. I’m really into grainy photography lately. It’s a style I want to stick with.

Another picture taken by Shawn. Me hanging off my beautiful girl, Cassie. She was NOT impressed.


I like this photo I took. Some Sony on Sony action haha.

Alrighty, I think that’s enough for now. It’s nice being able to show off some photos on here instead of social media. I might do this more often. I hope you enjoyed. If I bored you, well sorry? Haha. Like I said before, I want to keep things light for this post. Something fun and positive.