Sunday Ramblings

Hello, hello! I hope you like my new blog layout. I’ve also changed my ‘Photography’ page a little bit. Nothing huge. 

It’s Sunday and I’ve just had my morning coffee. Izzy and JJ have gone to their friend’s house for a little while. Abbey is watching Peppa Pig. Every couple of minutes she will run in my room to check on me. It’s cute. For today’s post I’m just going to ramble. 

Yesterday was a nice day. My friend Victoria invited me over to her Dad’s house where she’s currently dog-sitting, so Abbey and I went over and we had a nice pool day with her. Abbey had lots of fun throwing dog toys in the pool for the dogs to jump in and retrieve them. She thought it was absolutely hilarious when they would shake the water out of their fur. Victoria made us the yummiest lunch I’ve had in a while which was a change from our usual chips and salsa nights (We’ve been making and eating homemade salsa together for 8 years now and we never mix it up haha). We listened to music, swam and then watched a movie. It was a really nice day. I appreciate friends who want to spend time with me even if I have my children with me. It’s nice having friends who include my children in our plans and make a real effort with them. Those friends, I cherish dearly. 

How cute is this pup?

Last night I decided to deactivate my Instagram for a day. I’ve done it before. It’s good for my mental health. Social media is toxic. I’ve said it before and I stand by it; we are all on there constantly posting to our stories, trying to prove to the world that our lives are interesting and we are happier than we actually are. It’s all fake and it’s unhealthy. I need to step back for a day or two and focus on more important things.

Speaking of which… 

… I’ve decided I want to start logging my weight-loss goals and achievements again like I did on my last blog. When I hold myself accountable in front on an audience, I have to take action. I lost a lot of weight last time and I felt amazing. My head was in the right place. Overall I was just a lot happier than I currently am. I want to get to that point again and even keep going!  I have gained a lot of weight over the past few months. I’ll save the explanations and excuses for the next fitness related post I write. But yes, I want to lose weight and get back to feeling like myself. My mental health isn’t as strong because I’m not taking care of my body. So I’m stuck in this rut of hating how I look and feel. My body is hurting from a horse riding accident so I haven’t been running because of it and I’m REALLY lacking the endorphins and I’m feeling lousy. It’s all related but it’s okay because I love personal-growth. I love working on myself and making myself happy, so it’s time. 

I just took a short break to exercise and now I feel good. Unfortunately, I will be cutting this blog post short. I have housework to do and kids to feed. 

Thank you for reading.