Rocket Launch and Beach Day

I’m currently sat in bed with my laptop. Abbey and JJ are early risers. They were up before 7am. Izzy sleeps like a normal person and is still asleep, so I’m just waiting for her to wake up so we can go to the barn to feed the horses. During the week I wake her up but it’s Sunday, I’ll leave her alone. Yesterday was quite a nice day. It started off rough. I was overwhelmed with how much housework needed to be done and a little irritated at the children for not wanting to help me. I’m trying to teach them to be mindful of the mess they make and not to leave it for me to clean up all the time. If you have any tips, let me know. You’d think three kids in and ten years of being a Mum that I’d know every trick, but as they get older, your technique has to change and you’re constantly learning.

After our morning of cleaning, I went onto the NASA website to check out the status of the launch that was set to happen. They scratched Wednesday’s attempt to launch the rocket due to Florida’s unpredictable (but kinda predictable) weather. I was laying watching my phone for the best part of an hour, showing the children the Astronauts. I felt myself wanting to drive down to the beach to watch them launch but I wouldn’t have had much time. I toyed with the idea for a few minutes. Then I thought that it would just be easier and less stressful to watch it from home on TV. I went back and fourth for a few minutes but in the end I figured life’s way too short to miss out on opportunities like this and it would be such a great experience for the kids. We were pressed for time so I literally had the quickest shower of my life, we threw beach stuff in the car and off we went. I had just less than two hours to get there and my GPS said we were 1.5 hours away. Time to go!

I chose to take us to Melbourne Beach because traffic was a joke and to get near to Cape Canaveral/ Kennedy Space Center area would have taken a lot longer and we’d have probably missed it. Everyone was out and about. One thing I’m going to miss about lock-down from this virus is there was nobody on the roads a few weeks ago. Now everyone is back out and it’s becoming stressful to drive anywhere again. Mummy did her best job and weaving in and out of traffic (Safely) and making good time. I brought the NASA website up to keep checking on the status of the launch as there was a 50/50 change that it would even happen. The weather was bad at one point. And when we got to Melbourne Beach the traffic was horrible and it was storming pretty heavily but the website was telling us it was still a go. I was anxious about the traffic and rain. I HATE being late for things, but we got there in time.

With minutes to spare, we jumped out of the car and ran onto the beach in the rain. We couldn’t see down the beach because it was grey and miserable. I was convinced we would miss it but within a matter of minute the rain cleared up, the grey clouds fled off and we were left with beautiful blue skies. Perfect timing. In the end we got to see the launch. With not being so close we couldn’t hear anything at first but then I started to hear roaring and seconds later, the rocket was shooting up through the clouds. Ten minutes later I heard the Falcon 9 rocket’s reusable first stage land. BOOM!

It was quite an experience and I am happy we chose to go down there to see it.  After that, we played on the beach for a couple of hours. Izzy and JJ were in the water the entire time, making friends, chasing each other, laughing and splashing each other. Abbey and I stood at the edge of the water and paddled. She was braver than the last time we went. She’s never wanted to stand in the water because of the waves but yesterday she stood in there and when one knocked her over, she laughed. It’s just moments like that that make me love my life. 

I never used to, but I appreciate living in Florida now. Some things we may take for granted but shouldn’t. Fun things are always happening here and even when they aren’t, there’s always so much to do. It’s a fun place to live and we really never have an excuse to say they we are bored. The beach is our happy place and we are lucky that we have the freedom to go there. We got to say we just randomly decided to drive down the beach to watch a historic shuttle launch, sending two men into orbit from American soil for the first time in nearly ten years!!! Exciting!!! 

My children got to witness the launch in person, the weather ended up being beautiful. Everyone was happy. Overall I’d say it was a great day.