School Updates & Toddler Talk

Hi lovelies. I’m finally getting a minute to write. Being in isolation with children is on another level of crazy. I feel like I’m doing more now than I did before the lock-down came into effect. Lock-down is a loose term for me though. I’m still taking my youngest, Abigail to Speech Therapy twice a week. A couple people have asked me why it’s still open. It’s because the therapy center is classed as an essential business (Which it is). I also go to see my horse twice a day and also I have been running  few times a week. So really, I’m not really a prisoner. I’m sure I explained this in my last post though. Maybe? I’m not sure. Honestly I’m losing it. Mum brain IS a thing!

Let’s talk school

Yesterday we were all informed that the schools would be out until the next school year, which means the children will be doing their learning online for a little while longer. I think most of us all already knew that would be the case though. I received an email off my son’s teacher as we talk back and forth. She told me that she really misses her students and she’s sad she won’t get to see them again. It must be hard for the younger children, especially Jaxon, as he really liked her. I had a little weep over it because I’m soft like that.

The first three weeks of online school have been difficult for us the parents. Maybe not so much ‘difficult’ but definitely awkward, as we are still trying to get used to the change. We are expected to be teachers and as I’ve explained in my last post, when I’m trying to juggle two children in two different grades and one needy toddler. One child loves Maths, the other child hates Maths. One child get’s giddy and finds it hard to concentrate at first and the other sits at the laptop crying and needs constant reassurance. I have to mix two different teaching methods for different ages and figure out how to make learning fun. It’s overwhelming but I can do it and with each week I’m getting better!  I’m sure a lot of other parents are feeling the pressure too. My pressure comes from my wishes for the children to do well in school and also, I don’t want to let them down or kill their confidence.  

As overwhelming as it can be, we must think about how the children are feeling too. It must be difficult for them. They are trying to wrap their cute little brains around a totally new way of learning. They have been separated from their school-friends and have no idea when they will see them again. They are stuck inside most of the time, sometimes getting on each other’s nerves. They cannot go do all the fun things that they used to do. They cannot socialize. By being inside with their parents all the time, they are also seeing every mood and emotion that we go through. They have gone from having a qualified teacher in a more structured environment where they can concentrate, to being at home with someone who has no idea what they are doing. If you’ve ever done online college, you’ll know how difficult it is to concentrate at home when there are a thousand distractions and the idea of freedom on your mind.

We need to show them some appreciation. Not become easily frustrated with them for giving a bit of resistance over their work. Try think back when we were kids. Would we have handled this as well as them? Personally, I wouldn’t have. My entire childhood was about my friends. I grew up on a street with lots of kids and we were all friends. We all played out together every day. Even as a teen, I was off hanging with my friends. So I sympathize with the children during these weird times.

I don’t want to send them back to school next year with any form of learning anxiety. That’s why I’m going to try my best to do them proud. The first two weeks, I was cramming as much as possible into their schedule. Then I sat back and thought to myself. “Would I have taken all this information in off my parents if they were making me do hours and hours of homeschooling?” The answer is no. So I’ve chosen to slow the roll and do bits at a time. We take breaks in between each assignment and each class and we don’t overwhelm ourselves. I’m not letting them goof off and I will make sure their grades stay up. All the work get’s completed. I’m just finding the method that works best for my children (And me). The reality of it is, I cannot ignore my toddler all day either. Maybe next week I’ll find an even better method? It’s all trial and error at this point. The kids are doing great though. I’m proud of them. At the end of each week I’m treating them to something from the store. Something to motivate them each week.

Let’s talk about Abbey 

Abbey is doing so well at speech therapy. She’s saying a lot more words and I’m experiencing less temper tantrums due to the fact that she’s learning to communicate easier. If you don’t know Abbey, she’s my two (almost three) year old, who has quite a severe speech delay. She attends speech therapy sessions twice a week with Miss Kelsey, who also helped my Son with his articulation disorder, which was due to the fact that he has ear and hearing problems. Anyway, Abbey is doing great! My focus right now is to get her speaking more through therapy sessions, reading to her, singing with her and just talking to her as much as possible. The kids are amazing with her. Isabelle, my eldest, will sit and read to her and interact with her throughout the day. She’s really been a big help and Abbey learns a lot from her. My next goal with Abbey is to potty train her, which is probably my least favourite thing about parenting a toddler haha.

I just love her though, she’s the best little ginger baby I could have asked for. She’s a constant light in my life. Always so happy and full of energy. 

So that’s where I’m at with my parenting this week. As for me, I’m good. I’m happy. Nothing to report really. I haven’t been picking my camera up as much as I’d like to. I’d really like to make an effort to do some photography over the next week or so.

A for my goals that I posted last week, I’ve met them… Kinda? Nah well, I’m working on them. I will always stress over the question of if I’m a good mum or not. The first goal of not stressing out over the work has been met. I’m not really stressed anymore. I wasn’t as much of a helicopter mum this week. A couple of times I have fussed over the state of the house but I’m slowly learning to let that go. I just clean in my spare time. Tidy house, tidy mind but there’s no need to be a crazy person about it haha.

On my next post, I want to talk about my horse. Maybe I’ll double post today? That’s the mood I’m in. It all depends on how needy Abbey is. Today she’s not so clingy haha but I also don’t want to ignore her. She keeps running off to eat her breakfast and watch TV, then comes in my room to visit me every five minutes or so. I can hear her on her way over now, so I’ll wrap this up.

She hopped up on my bed and pretended to lick the side of my head like it’s ice cream. She’s so silly 🙂 

Thank you for reading.