We Survived Our First Week of Virtual School

Well, I made it to Friday. Happy Friday, WOO! The kids and I survived the first week of Virtual School. It’s definitely going to be a learning curve for all of us (In more ways than one). We were a little rusty this week. A little clueless and shocked. It’s taken me five days to wrap my head around the online system and how to submit work. Some days I’m tech savvy, some days I’m not, and this week I was not. On Monday the entire system was down for most of Central Florida, so I spent most of the day raising my voice at the laptop like a crazy person! I knew that other children weren’t doing the work either but I still worried about being behind, so it was stressing me out. We got it all figured out in the end though. 

Before COVID-19, I wasn’t a teacher and now I’m a Science, Math and English teacher, without the qualifications or training. I’m having to learn to let go of the idea of spending most of my day cleaning. I’m having to learn to accept that my plans may get mixed up now that our main focus is school. I find that difficult to do. I knew this was coming though, so it isn’t a huge shock. It’s just a case of learning to let go of certain things and learning to have a little more patience so I don’t project that energy onto the kids when they are trying to learn. I don’t want to make them feel discouraged in any way! 

My toddler, Abbey is having a hard time with the other two being home. She’s used to having all of my attention, so the tantrums are REAL right now. I feel bad when I have to shut her out of the bedroom so that I can sit at my desk and try to go over everything with each child. I feel like I’m being pulled in many different directions. Today she’s been fabulous though. 


Saying all this, it isn’t the hardest thing in the world. In reality I’m not doing half of what an actual teacher would be doing. If a teacher was to read this post, they’d probably roll their eyes. I really don’t do anywhere near as much as they do and I have a new-found appreciation for those who dedicate all they have to educating our children. Dedicating time outside of their working hours, purchasing school supplies with their own money when needed, funding students who’s parents can’t afford to send their children on school trips. The list goes on. Also, I cannot imagine how hard it must be for them marking students’ work online and trying to communicate with each person individually. NO THANKS!!! They really are heroes! I’m nothing compared to that, so I should quit my whining. I’m a stay-at-home mum too so if anybody has time to do it, I do. I don’t need to have a tidy house. It’s not like anybody will be visiting haha. 

So now I’m sat here on Friday, with no more school work to do. I do feel like I have a few things to improve on myself in order to make the Virtual School a success for them.

Here they are;

  1. The teachers said 2-3 hours of work each day but that does not mean get anxious or irritated when the kids take a little longer or WANT to do more than 3 hours – Other plans come after school. School is FIRST
  2. Allow them to feel frustrated with the work if that’s how they feel. Sometimes I try to control their emotions because I don’t like them being sad 
  3. Stop being a helicopter mum – Stop hovering, chill the f**k out. If they need help, they’ll ask for it. I have to admit, I am overbearing at times and it’s not healthy. BACK OFF and go do some of that cleaning you were complaining about
  4. Stop worrying whether or not you’re a good mum. You’ll find out when they are older haha 

Parental flaws aside, all of this is making me feel like a bit of a Super Mum. Having them home and being busy busy all week makes me feel good. I may be getting frustrated at a few things, but deep down I am loving having them home. This is a bonding experience and I have the chance to really improve my parenting skills here.

Week 1 down. I hope anybody reading this who has kids survived their first week of Virtual School and still have their sanity. WE GOT THIS!!

Thanks for reading,