A New Chapter

My first post on my blank canvas. My little place to escape when I’m in need of some time to myself. Somewhere where I can create. Somewhere where I can document memories, talk future plans and write about my personal growth. It’s been a trying few years, and just as we thought we were turning a corner into a new decade full of hope and promise where we were all determined to fresh start, the world was hit with COVID-19 putting a stop to all of our plans. Isolating and distancing ourselves from our loved ones.  Putting a damper on what we thought was going to be our “Best year”. 

I’m currently isolated with all three of my children. We are only on week 2 and it’s been a huge test of all of our patience. I’m having to learn to let certain things go, like the idea of my house being tidy all day. I have two girls and one boy and despite my efforts to keep them happy fed and entertained, fights are breaking out left right and center. It’s an adjustment. The biggest adjustment is my toddler, Abbey getting used to the other two being home all day. She’s a mummy’s girl and likes me to give all of my love and attention to her. THE TANTRUMS ARE REAL RIGHT NOW!! My plans were put on hold and now I spend every day being a referee, a dinner lady, a school teacher, cleaner and a therapist? You name it. It’s just me at home with them. Nobody else is here to help or offer to step in whenever I need a break. It’s quite tiring. My only true alone time is when they have all gone to bed at night, and even that is short-lived because I know that if I don’t get enough sleep, I won’t be able to function the day after, and I kinda have to in order to parent.

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I have to think myself lucky though. I get to spend more quality time with my babies. I get to be the one who educates them (Or at least help with their education). We have the opportunity to make more memories together. We also have the luxury of driving to the barn to see our horse twice a day, which get’s us out of the house, meaning we aren’t cooped up ALL day during this isolation period. And even when we are in the house, we live in a nice home, in a safe area and we have all the entertainment we need (Electronic or not). We are comfortable, we have food, and most importantly, we are healthy! 

I’m excited to have something for myself though. Somewhere to disappear off to when I’ve had enough of cartoons and toddler mess. I will be talking about my children a lot. That’s a given. They are my world. I’m with them every day. Everything I do, they do with me. But I’ll also add a little bit of my life as Laura in here. Not just Mum. When people ask me what my blog will be about, it’s hard to answer. Like I keep saying, I’ll be documenting my life with my children, but I also don’t believe in restricting myself to one topic. 

Personal growth is something I want and need to focus on this year. A lot is happening in the world right now but I do believe things will get better, and when they do, I want to be on my way to being my best-self. I know we all say that, especially bloggers and Instagram lovers of the world who want to prove they are living their best life, but I genuinely want to better myself. For me, it’s a more a journey of finding myself again and learning to love and appreciate myself more. I’ll save that topic for another day though. 

For now, this is a good start. I’m off to go clean my house and chase my toddler around. 

Thank you for reading.